The ability to open a New Incognito Window is available in the Chrome browser

The ability to open a New Incognito Window is available in the Chrome browser

Chrome Browser Tips – Profiles, Settings, and Tabs

Organizing your workspace using the Chrome browser is a wonderful place to start. The key to using Google Workspace for Education successfully is being aware of some of the fundamental tools and configurations available in Google Chrome. You'll discover that maintaining organization and making a big impact in your daily activities can come from establishing your particular preferences.

Chrome Profiles

You can have multiple people use Chrome on the same device, each with their own settings, bookmarks, and themes. If you have different accounts, like work and personal, you can use Chrome profiles to keep your bookmarks, extensions, and settings separate.

To add a profile:

at the top right of your Chrome browser window, click the profile icon .

If you choose to sync to your Google account, your profile name will automatically be your account name.
Choose a name, photo and color scheme.

Chrome Profile Settings

To enable automatic syncing of your bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings with the new profile, turn on sync in Chrome with a Google account. Syncing may be beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as:

Your Google account stores your browsing history, preferences, and data, including bookmarks, apps, extensions, and themes.

In the event that your computer is lost or damaged, you can retrieve your browsing history, preferences, and data. To bring them back, simply sign into Chrome once more.

Instantaneous synchronization means that modifications you make on one computer will automatically appear on other computers where you are logged in and in sync.

Click the profile symbol in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser window to manage what you sync, and then click the pencil icon to edit your profile.

Next, choose You and Google  Sync and Google services   Manage what you sync from the navigation on the left side of the page. You can choose to personalize sync settings or simply sync everything.

You may also add amusing themes or extensions to Chrome by going to the profile settings tab. You may customize Chrome with extensions and themes, which encircle the browser's border and display a background image when a new tab is opened.

On startup

When you launch Chrome on your computer, you may configure it to open your preferred page or pages automatically. Alternatively, you can pick up where you left off on the page you were on when you last used Chrome. For instance, since email and the MyMeredith portal are two frequently used systems by staff, a staff person could want to open a certain collection of pages.

Other Settings

You can choose whether you want Chrome to offer to save passwords as you browse using autofill.

Privacy and security:

use your browser's safety check feature, delete any browsing history, and adjust the settings for cookies and other site data.

Search engine:

You may control your search engine preferences and choose which search engine appears when you enter a query in the address bar.


Select Advanced from the left-side navigation's bottom menu, then select Downloads when modifying your profile's settings. You can choose in this section where the Downloads are stored on your computer and if the browser should prompt you before saving each file.

Browse In Incognito Mode

The ability to open a New Incognito Window is available in the Chrome browser. You can surf privately with incognito windows, and if you'd like, you can even choose to block third-party cookies. What occurs then when you browse in private? What does this mean? It simply means that information entered in forms, site data, cookies, and browsing history will not be saved by Chrome. To ensure that the websites you visit remain hidden from prying eyes, you might wish to utilize an incognito window when shopping for a gift for a family member who shares access to the same computer at home.

However, there are a few things to be aware of about incognito mode:

You will keep the files you download and the bookmarks you make.

Your online activity is visible to your internet service provider, employer, school, and other websites you visit.

Using Tabs in Chrome

Open a new tab:

At the top of your Google Chrome window, next to the last tab on the right, click New tab
Reopen a closed tab, bookmark all tabs, add a new tab:

Achieved by right-clicking on the new tab icon

Pin a tab:

Right-click on an open tab and you can Pin a tab to the browser. Once selected, the tab will move to the far left of the browser window and the tab itself will shrink in size.

Mute site:

Right-click on an open tab to mute any sounds from the site. This can be helpful when presenting