Browser Tips

Browser Tips

What is the amount of time you spend on the internet? Do you want to save time and effort for yourself? These are the top five tactics and tips for using web browsers! 

Don’t Get Distracted
When you come across an intriguing link while reading an online article or visiting a website, but you don't want to leave the page you are now on, what should you do? Now, left-click the link while holding down the Ctrl key on your computer. When you're ready, you can access the connected page that will open in a new browser window. To accomplish the same thing, you can press the wheel on the link if your mouse has one. 

Accidentally Closed a Tab or Browser?
When working on several tabs at once, have you ever unintentionally closed one of them? Or even worse, you closed a browser window that included numerous quite helpful tabs that you still hadn't bookmarked! .. All is not lost, though.
Reopening a closed tab is as simple as right-clicking on the browser title bar and choosing 'Reopen closed tab'. To reopen a closed tab, just hit the 'Ctrl+Shift+T' keys if you adore keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, you can open any other closed tabs in the same sequence by repeating these steps.

All you have to do is open the browser again, right-click on the title bar, and select "Restore Window" to bring up all of those helpful tabs. Wonderful! Look through the History option using the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser if you closed it earlier in the day or the day before. 

Pin Those Important Websites
Having multiple tabs open in your browser might quickly make it feel cluttered. When you use the Pin function on a tab, it neatly arranges itself at the top of your browser's tabs and reduces the tab by showing just its icon. To give it a try, right-click on this blog post's tab and choose Pin (or Pin tab). The task is finished. You have extra room for other tabs in addition to having simple access to it!  

In our case, the University of Salford, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and Outlook are all pinned tabs.

A tab can be unpinned at any moment by performing a right-click on it, selecting the Unpin tab option, and then the unpinned tab will revert to its original state. 

Know Your Browser Shortcuts
A keyboard shortcut is a key on your keyboard, or a combination of keys, that you can use to accomplish a number of different activities. Speedier than dragging a mouse! The number of keyboard shortcuts is easily found with a quick Google search, but you can also test out some of our favorite browser shortcuts. To help you remember, list the ones you prefer and try using them over the course of a few days. You'll question how you survived without them! 

Move between open tabs using the Ctrl+Page Up or Ctrl+Page Down keys. 
If you have visited a number of web pages in a tab, you can press the Alt+Left arrow to move back through the pages, and the Alt+Right arrow to move forward to return to your most recent page. 

Want to type in a new url? Press Ctrl+L to move the cursor into the address bar. 

Want to search for a specific word or phrase on a web page or online journal article? Press Ctrl+F to access a search box.

Press F5 or Ctrl+R to refresh or reload a web page.

Keep Your Browser Up To Date
Although it's simple to forget, keeping your browser and its plugins up to date is essential for the stability and security of your computer. Updates are automatically downloaded and installed in the background by some browsers, such Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. However, if you haven't closed your browser in a while, there may be a pending update. It is wise to do a manual check on this. To access the Settings and About options in most browsers, click the three dots located at the upper right corner of the browser. If you have the most recent version, your browser will let you know. If not, your browser will check for updates automatically and apply them or show an update link.