Android Tips

Android Tips

Here are your tips and techniques for anything Android, as promised, to all of you who love Android. Even though I wouldn't consider myself an authority in Android OS, it's been fascinating to observe how the other half lives. I'll begin with those that I am aware of from my brief experience using an HTC when I was twelve years old.

There's more than one App Store?
Unlike iOS, Android is not limited to a single company's app store, which is one of its distinctive open features. For most customers, the primary app store is Google's Play store, which offers useful security features. There are other solutions available, too, if a customer needs a program that isn't in the Play store. They can download the software as an APK and install it on their smartphone without any problems, or they can access alternate app stores like Amazon's or the one made by their phone manufacturer.

Guest phone access
It is feasible to allow someone access more than what screen-pinning enables. If you want to lend someone your phone without allowing them to use your apps, data, settings, or text messaging capabilities,  Multiple Users and turn on the function. Users also have the option to enable the "Add Users from Lock Screen" slider.

Additional storage options
Because some Android phone models allow users to expand their storage space with a microSD card, they have a considerable advantage over iPhones. This makes it possible to transmit massive volumes of data files between the phone and other devices and to store more apps and media on the device. Furthermore, a USB external storage device can be plugged in to various Android phones in order to view and explore its contents. Users can attach a USB flash memory drive with a Type-C connection straight to their phone if it has a USB-C port.

Full customisation
Although Android users have had home screen widgets for a while, Apple iOS was actually a little tardy to integrate this functionality. Here's how to customize the home screen of your Android device with widgets: To access the variety of Widgets offered by installed apps on your device, long-press the home screen, pick Widgets, and then make your selection.

Digital wellbeing features
It's not a good habit to stay up all night messaging and browsing social media. The Google Digital Wellbeing project includes Android's Bedtime mode, which turns your phone into a grayscale screen in the event that you need to use it late at night in addition to muting it at a preset time. For a more peaceful experience, users can also turn on the Dark Theme during bedtime mode or just put their phone in dark mode. Focus mode is another suggested feature for enhancing well-being. It allows users to arrange a specific amount of time during which distracting app notifications are muted. Some phones, like the most current Pixels and Motorolas, have a feature called Do Not Disturb that allows you to quickly and easily in order to prevent disruptions.

Developer mode:
Among the most well-liked characteristics of any Android device is this one. To a certain extent, every user has the potential to become a developer. Since this isn't something you can just happen onto, here's how to get into development mode:
Go to settings
Scroll to ‘about device
Find the ‘Build number’ button
Tap on it seven times
Enter your password
Now you can change some of the settings

Naturally, this is not the same as writing your own software or even learning to program in general—trust me, it's not that simple. You can make a few small adjustments in this mode that won't affect how well your gadget works elsewhere.

Google Assistant:
Everyone has experienced being placed on hold for an hour when calling a bank helpline or their internet provider. Fortunately, you can use Google Assistant with this practical hack. When on hold, simply tap the three dots in the top section of the screen, then carry on with your day! When someone does indeed pick up, the Assistant will let you know. Easy to use but very powerful!

Change that volume:
Isn't it annoying that your YouTube app is constantly playing at full volume and that you can hardly hear your alarm clock in the morning? Fortunately for you, though, your gadget can easily remedy that! The sound of your alarm, apps, and ringtone can all be changed independently. Additionally, this hack works incredibly well with the "do not disturb" feature.

I do wish Apple had more room for external storage as it stands, iCloud isn't cutting it. Please pardon me while I locate the closest Android device and give these a proper test.